Those pig bastards stole the eggs!

This Easter Angry Birds will fight them to death to get what was stolen.
It will be the ANGRY EASTER!

In the spirit of fighting for the cause I did some Easter decoupage Angry Birds and pigs. This Angry Easter I can have my own version of Rovio game in reality. Would you like to join me in such massacre?
Read how I did my characters, make yours and share with me your version of Angry Easter.
Watch the gallery of my Angry Birds and pigs. Do you like them?

Are you curious how I did it?

Decoupage technique I used is very simple and doesn't take much time. It requires you to buy some napkins, styrofoam, drawing pins and decoupage glue. Next you simply glue the thin layer of the napkin on the styrofoam egg. The beak and cockscomb are made out of the color paper. See some of the pictures which I took while working and get the idea on how easy it is:

Download Angry Easter card

I also made Angry Easter card using photos of my birds. To make pigs' house and birds' bunny operating center I used Adobe Illustrator for it and below you can find the result.
Hope you'll enjoy it!

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